About Us

The Plaid Pigeon team is pretty small... It consists of my partner Ian, myself (Megan) and our lazy but devoted dogs, Rigby, Sophie and Matilda. 
Ian and I met and fell in love while living in Southern California. I was immediately drawn to Ian's artistic side and his thoughtfulness when it came to crunching his popcorn quietly in the movie theater. Ian says he fell for my quirky sense of humor and unwavering dedication to giving back rubs and snuggles.
Our sense of adventure brought us to Austin, Texas were we started Plaid Pigeon in 2010. Plaid Pigeon is based off of a love of working together, succulent plants, and craft projects. We have been lucky enough to have been featured on Daily Candy, Etsy Featured Seller, Planetgreen.com, Apartment Therapy and many other wonderful blogs and publications.